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by Misti on
Amazing Staff!!!!!!!

The staff in this office is very friendly and helpful. I was scared to death on my first couple of visits, and each staff member that i came into contact with made me feel safe and secure. I would recommend their services to anyone and everyone in need.

by Michael Delatorre on
Increased Health

I began visiting Dr. Cory this past June. I appreciate that he sat down and explained my path to better neural health prior to the start of my plan. The x rays allowed me to see what was going on with my spine. I am happy to say I've displayed marked improvement over these last three months and am on my way to reaching the goals that were established from the beginning. Thank you for your professionalism!

by Diane C. on
chiropractic and western

I had a consult with Dr Cory and was so impressed with his approach to caring for his patients. He explained everything so well and I love the idea of having massage, PT and NP all together! The smartest way and all under one roof. So impressed! Alyssa the front desk gal is also amazing. Always smiling and very accommodating. Moddy the massage therapist, knows her stuff!!! Great results.

by Stacy Parke on
Stacy Parke

I am interested in this approach to my back and neck health. It makes much more sense than the traditional 1 dimensional method. The fact that xrays are in house also made it more appealing to me. I have been acquainted with chiropractic for many years and this approach seems to be the best idea that will benefit the most people. All on staff are friendly and welcoming and have so far been a pleasure to deal with. I would definitely recommend Keystone to any and all persons desiring to achieve total wellness for their back health.

by Jessica Parke on
Multiple back and neck issues

I became aware of Keystone Physical Medicine via the street market booth in June I believe. My interest was piqued because of the Nurse Practioner and Massage therapist being a part of the team which included a chiropractor. I was injured in a car accident in 1981 and shortly before that accident I ruptured my two lower discs. This left me with pain and regular bouts of immobility for the last 35 years. I have used chiropractic as well as massage, medication, exercise, stretching, accupuncture and flat out immobility to manage my issues. I had to go to a chiropractor, a medical doctor, a radiology lab, a massage therapist and so on and so on just to manage this mangled back! The thought of literally going to just one place to achieve this was more than I could pass up. I am extremely happy to have found Keystone and hope to have a relationship that is short term if you know what I mean ;)!

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